Glossary of Terms

Glossary of HVAC Terms

Browse our glossary to get clarity on any questions you may have. Understanding the terminology can help you choose the right products for your home.

SEER Rating – “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” (SEER) measures the efficiency of an air conditioning system. Higher SEER ratings equate to lower energy costs.

AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures the effiency of fossil fuel heating equipment. Higher AFUE ratings mean lower fuel bills.

Single Stage – A Single Stage system is either on (at full power) or off.

Two Stage – A Two Stage system will run at a reduced capacity when conditions are mild, and at full capacity when conditions are more extreme. Two Stage systems provide increased comfort & lower utility costs.

Modulating – A modulating furnace has the ability to ramp its capacity up or down in small increments, based on conditions.

Copper Tube/Enhanced Aluminum Fin Heat Exchanger – Copper tubing is an extremely efficient and durable material for transferring heat energy. Enhanced Aluminum Fins make the heat exchange process more efficient.

Scroll Compressor – Scroll compressors are typically more efficient and more reliable than piston compressors.

Heat Exchanger – A device that is used to transfer heat from one substance to another.

ECM Blower – Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) are high efficiency blower motors for heating & air conditioning systems.

Variable Speed Blower – A variable speed blower (Programmable ECM) motor will continually adjust to operating conditions, delivering the optimal amount of air required to heat or cool your home.

Dehumidification – A properly sized and installed air conditioning system will keep you comfortable by removing humidity from the conditioned space. Systems with ECM technology can be used to enhance dehumidification.

Humidifier – Humidifiers add humidity to the conditioned space, making it more comfortable in colder climates.

Energy Star – A US Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency.

Communicating Equipment – In communicating systems, the indoor, outdoor and wall control components continually communicate with each other to optimize comfort & efficiency.

Wifi Thermostat – With a wifi thermostat, you can use your internet connection to monitor or even change the thermostat settings in your home.

VOC – Volatile organic Compunds (VOC) are chemicals that are off gassing from new products like carpeting, paint and furniture.

Air Purifier – Air purifiers eliminate Virus. Bacteria, Mold, VOC’s and odors from the conditioned space.

Air Cleaner – A filter or filtration system that traps small particals like dust, pollen and pet dander.

MERV Rating – Air Cleaners and filters can be compared by their MERV Rating (from 1 to
16). The MERV rating tells us how effectively the air cleaner traps small particals.

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